The organizing of a study in the electrical sector.

Getting an education in the electrical sector is organized according to the learning outcome that require knowledge and skills of the students in the additional parts of the electrical sector. 

The basic education requires  80 units which normally takes two years to achieve at school.  Students who start the basic study, must have finished compulsory education according to official curriculum and must have finished „standard examinations“ in Icelandic and mathematic. 
They also must have achieved a minimum examination-results according to official regulations § 2, signing up as a student in a secondary school.

Students that enrol for a journeyman’s examination in the electrical sector(f.x. as a electrician or in electronic) must have finished "basic electrical education". 

A journeyman’s examination study normally takes 4 years and divides between a study in school and occupational education. 

There are two different ways to finish the education:

1.      Vocational training, where average time in school is 3.5 year, including basic study, plus 24 weeks occupational education.

2.      Contractual apprenticeship, where average time in school is 3 years, including basic study, plus 48 weeks occupational education.

Those who want to be an electrician or an electro-mechanic technician, can choose between the two choices.  To be a electric distribution technician, the  choice line 2 is the only way and in electronic, line 1 is the only choice.

Today, there is a great similarity between the jobs of  electricians, electric distribution technician or electro-mechanic technician, and therefore the same material at school occurs in all three studies.  The specialization is reached in the final end of the study and in the occupational education.  This makes it easier than before, for a individual, f.x. educated as an electrician to get an education as a electro-mechanic technician

For all occupational education, as seen above, there are „official regulations“ which include contracts and occupational education.

You can get further information at the  National Reference Point for vocational qualifications. NRP is the first point of contact for those seeking information on vocational education and training (VET) and vocational qualifications in Island and throughout Europe

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