The Nordic Electrical Training and Education Committee,(NEUK) was established in 1974, by the employers´ associations and labour organizations in the electrical installation fields in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden..

NEUK tries to co-ordinate the training and education of electricians so that an electrician will be able to work in any Nordic country, irrespective of where the basic training was undertaken. Because the work is based on international legislation it also opens up the possibility of an even larger labour market such as the EU.

NEUK has made a survey of the structure of the electricians´ training and education in Nordic countries. This is a brief description of the structure and objectives.
If you want further details you should look at each countrypage.

In some of the countries the whole of the basic training takes place in a school whilst in others it alternates between periods of training spent with an enterprise and those spent in school. Some countries use both alternatives. The kind of jobs an electrician is capable of undertaking on completing of his training is the most important criteria when evaluating an electrician. The duration of the training method is of less importance. It is the results of that training which count.


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