The Electrician's training in Denmark

Danish vocational education and training programmes for electricians are alternating programmes, which means that the education and training activities alternate between education and training at a school and on-the-job training in a company.

The contents and duration of the education and training depend on the speciality chosen.

There are 5 specialities:

- Electrician specialising in electrical installation technology - duration 4 years

- Electrician specialising in control and regulation technology - duration 4½ years

- Electrician specialising in communications technology - duration 4½ years

- Electrician specialising in building automation - duration 4 years

- Electrician specialising in general installations - duration 2½ years

Choice of speciality is agreed between the company and the apprentice on the background of the working scope of the company and the apprentice’s competences.

The school-based training is divided into a basic course and the main course with four school periods.

There are 35 technical schools nationwide offering the basic course and 19 schools offering both the basic course and the main course for one or more specialities.

The practical training takes place at a company which has been approved to train electricians. The apprentice will have to enter into a binding training contract with a company before or when starting the practical training at the latest and at the same time choose speciality .

Some very specialised companies cannot offer the apprentice a sufficiently broad practical training. In these cases a company can be approved to be responsible for only part of the training period by entering into a combination contract with one or more companies approved to train electricians - or by entering into a secondment agreement contract.

Trial period

The first 3 months of the training period in the company are mutual trial time. In this period both apprentice and company can - without warning and without reasons - terminate the learning agreement. In case of illness and school attendance within the trial time the learning agreement is prolonged correspondingly.

You can get further information at the  Danish National Reference Point for vocational qualifications. NRP is the first point of contact for those seeking information on vocational education and training (VET) and vocational qualifications in Denmark and throughout Europe

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